Cottage of the soul of the Rose

Shelter large capacity with heated pool in the Dordogne

the soul of the Rose

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The field :

Our garden could inspire Pierre de Ronsard, Rose also has a prominent place on our terrace.

All around the house, while only vegetation.

Passionate garden, our attention has been focused on the creation of chambers of greenery and planting of rare species while taking care to retain the point of view that we are fortunate to have on the surrounding countryside.

By the way, birds and butterflies did not hide, they will be your companions during your stay. What a pleasure to listen to the morning doves say words of love, see browse bees or to witness the flight of a butterfly.

For the "early bird", visit the garden still drenched dew is a real delight. And why not take the opportunity to make a nice bouquet and to enjoy a big tomato joufflue, picking fresh basil for lunch and much more.

As for those who head to the pond, they will surely grey heron seek his meal. Or why not a small tower in the chestnut?

"Layer-late" can compete for their part petanque on the ground built especially for this purpose, as well as informed that the entire park.



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