Cottage of the soul of the Rose

Shelter large capacity with heated pool in the Dordogne

the soul of the Rose

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The activities around the cottage

Jumilhac the Great in Perigord Green, Eugene LEROY author of the Jacquou Crisp was collector.

A mandatory visit, his castle XIII-XVII, historic monument and its fabulous legend of the spinner:
Louise de Hautefort, lady Jumilhac wife of Antoine de Jumilhac was locked for more than twenty by her jealous husband in a room of the castle, now called the Board of the spinner.

The days were long and spend his boredom, Louise spun wool and hid sweet messages in his zone, for her lover, now out of love for his beautiful shepherd of the castle.

The castle also served on the scene filming "The pact Wolf" by Christophe GANS.

If you want to dream and why not become a true researcher of gold, after visiting the gallery of gold, participate in introductory courses in gold mining taking place in July and August.

The mountain bike trails, hiking are arranged; The farmers' markets and various events during the summer period in which an important empty attic.

Hard to list the visits to be carried out, both the Perigord has castles, caves and remarkable sites, all steeped in history.

Everyone, according to its sensitivity or its desire found in this magnificent region substance to share magic moments. Either in the field of culture, sports or family. To mention only a few.

For athletes:
- Hooked-branch
- Tennis
- Bike rail
- Hikes
- Down the Dordogne in gabarre, canoe kayak



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